Kindertown in the City: Gage Park


Over at Kindertown, we have waited anxiously for the snow to melt, the grass to grow and birds to sing. For our educators and children, early signs of warmer weather only means one thing: The KTown Spring and Summer Program is finally here. We have a lot of things to learn, explore and investigate this year- from our very own quarter-acre Kinder Garden, to the many creeks and meadows around our neighborhood, and the many local gems found across our lovely city of Hamilton, Ontario.

In the classroom, our Spring program has us planting our own seeds, exploring the importance of natural elements and of course - getting our hands dirty. To help add some context to these concepts, our KTown educators and children spent two days exploring Gage Park, the amazing Hamilton Children’s Museum, and the beautifully designed Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse and it’s diverse ecosystem of plants.

Joined by some of our wonderful parents, we ventured off from Kindertown and hitched a ride on the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR). Loading up on the city bus, we rolled down the mountain, meeting a wonderful array of locals along the way. All were pleasant, helpful and smiling at the young group of adventurers.

After transferring buses, and a short walk, we eventually arrived at our destination. Greeted warmly by the Hamilton Children’s Museum staff, our children, parents, and educators were soon learning about all things spring, and even had an up-close encounter with the resident turtles!

After a quick lunch, we would say goodbye to our friends at the Museum, and venture off into the park, visiting the magical Gage Park Fountain and soon-to-be Rose Garden (we plan to come back when the fountain is full and roses have bloomed) before venturing inside the beautiful (and warm!) Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse. Our KTown Kids wandered through the space with faces of wonder, excitement and curiosity - they sniffed the plants, laughed at the turtles, and gleefully pranced through the wide-open pathways. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the bus stop, and begin our journey up the mountain to Kindertown. Despite tired legs and drooping eye lids, we made it back just in time for a nap.

We learned a lot these last two days, children (as well as parents and educators) were able to gain an appreciation for the beautiful Gage Park, and many planned to visit again soon. More than that, almost everyone is excited for our next adventure to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market and Central Library!

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Paul Russumanno