vision and goals

At Kindertown, the classroom is our home, and the school our town.

“Creating a brighter future, and a brighter Hamilton”  

At Kindertown, becoming better neighbours, friends, and community is something we always strive for. Each day, we hope to inspire our children and families to do the same. By equipping our children with the tools, experiences and intimate knowledge of their environments, we hope to foster a confidence that will allow them to shape their own world.  

Though it may be difficult to determine which child will be the next great Canadian artist, inventor or architect, we believe it is possible to help form foundational ideas, concepts and interests that will shape these paths.  

Beyond the traditional ABC’s and 123’s, we believe that a holistic experiential worldview is necessary for the overall well being of our children. By borrowing teaching innovations from around the world and partnering up with different levels of government and local non-profit community groups, we hope to produce a sensibility towards early childhood education that respects and embraces all aspects of Canada’s diverse society and environment. 

Through daily, honest, reflections and a dedicated commitment to re-imagining how we view children, the classroom, and our own roles as educators, we hope to continue building enriched learning environments that foster well-being, expression, engagement and belonging. 




Passionately dedicated to Hamilton’s ambition in becoming a child-friendly city, we feel it is important to instill in our children, a sense of appreciation for the places and spaces they grow up in. This includes their homes, childcare facility, neighborhoods and Hamilton as a whole.  

By working closely with the City of Hamilton and Affiliated Services for Children and Youth, we have committed ourselves to constantly reflect, critique and advance our organization to ensure the best possible care for our children and their families. By using the Hamilton Early Years Quality Program as a framework and process that guides our organization, we have made great strides in all aspects of quality.  

By committing to Hamilton’s collective vision, and our own, we hope to make our town, not just the best place to raise a child, but also, the best place to be a child.