Baby Beets: Spring Fever!


Spring is an amazing time of new life, growth and promise. From staying indoors as much as possible (me too) it’s time to let the winter air out of your house, by opening the windows and dusting off the rugs. How do we prepare ourselves and our loved ones for the warmer temperatures and memorable adventures? Well I’ve come prepared today to give you some quick tips on just how to transition into spring with wellness in mind.


Staying hydrated seems to be a common struggle for many people, no matter what change of season it is. When spring comes around, we often start to perspire more than we did, which can lead to many things including poor sleep, weakened immune system and slow recovery from those workouts you may have started during the spring momentum. Kids in particular need extra hydration as they are running around the playground while still wearing their winter or warmer layers. Be sure to keep that refillable water bottle handy.

The Sunshine Vitamin

Oh how amazing that sunshine feels as it kisses your skin in the early springtime mornings. We all know how amazing this feels, after those long months of February and March nothing feels better than getting some much much needed Vitamin D. Be mindful of sun exposure still. We forget how strong the UV rays can be when the air still has a chill. Layers, hats and sunscreen for longs days outside are something to consider year round.


The springtime is an excellent time to take a look at rejuvenating your system. Often times people consider doing a cleanse/detox, which can be intimidating and overwhelming for many.  I strongly recommend reading up on the different types or seeking the guidance of a professional. But what can you do every single day to help kick start the natural detox processes in our bodies? Here are my top recommendations:

  • Room temperature fresh lemon water, first thing in the AM

  • Remove the over burden of process/refined foods like sugar, alcohol & caffeine

  • Eat lots of fiber rich foods and stay hydrated


Spring cleaning and organizing your home is not a new fad; this is the perfect time to open the windows then some fresh air in and rid the furniture of dust and allergens. Let go of unneeded or unwanted material and possessions, its empowering to be able to start each season with a fresh mind and less clutter. It allows all of us to play freely without that weight or cloud of guilt because there seems to be so much to do. I highly recommend getting the whole family involved for a weekend. This is a great opportunity to work as teams and teach them about delegating tasks. You can always out a collective reward like maybe going to a movie or a special dinner that everyone enjoys.


During seasons of light and brightness we often get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Spring and summer get extremely busy, super fast; all of the events, parties and extra curriculars. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of all that wonderful socializing, but what if it does not suit your emotional and mental well being. Forming a habit of some personal or family down time is of utmost important to me. It’s a great way to get creative or simplify and evening in as a family. There are also things like yoga, mediation and reading that you can incorporate weekly.

Now that you have checked in with yourself, get outside, enjoy the fresh air and company of others. Just be mindful of all the things that fuel you mind, body and soul.

atherine Switzer is the owner of Baby Beets. A Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Labor & Postpartum Doula, as well as Yoga Instructor, she is committed to her own personal health and the health of individuals and families. It is truly important for her to encourage individuals to establish a healthy relationship with food. Catherine takes the time to connect with clients, learning about them as a unique individual. Offering customized support in all aspects of her field.

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