KTown Book Club: "Busy, Busy Town" by Richard Scarry


This is an oldie, but a goodie!

Most parents will remember getting lost in the bright and colorful pages of a Richard Scarry book during their childhood. The seemingly endless cast of characters that made ‘Busytown’ their home, gave children a glimpse into the world of adults, but more specifically, the city and its many people, places and spaces.

Everyone, from Lowly Worm to Bananas Gorilla, has a role to play in Busytown. More importantly, author Richard Scarry shows that everyone has an important job to do, and each one is special to the success of Busytown.

For us at Kindertown, “Busy, Busy Town” will be an important reference for our children and educators once we begin to explore our own community and city. Whether that means meeting the local fire department or taking a trip downtown on the HSR, Kindertown Kids will get their own sense of the adult world, and the many people, places and spaces that make Hamilton their home!

You can find a copy of Richard Scarry’s “Busy, Busy Town” here: https://amzn.to/2VMaVOY

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