Baby Beets: Move over Self Care, it's Time for Some Appreciation


Self care is all the rage these days, from bubble baths, to getting nails done and even that glass of wine. But what if we we turn the idea of needing a ‘reward’ for a hard long week to the idea of ‘self appreciation’. We work hard, we love and are loved, we need and are needed. It’s rewarding and exhausting. Being a parent is selfless work, we don’t always feel appreciated, but yet deep down we know we are.

Self appreciation goes beyond those rewards, its living daily life to the fullest, with the utmost respect for our minds, body & spirit. I love to look at the hard work I’ve done, for myself, my business, my clients, my family. I appreciate and respect that hard work and I deserve to show myself some love. Self love can be hard for so many parents, especially new moms, you are not alone in feeling this way.

So how do we  ensure that we are indulging in the right kind of self care:


Its ok to set time aside for yourself. Giving time each day or once a week, whatever you need for your person. It’s easy to make excuses like exhaustion, childminding or expense.

Sometimes all we need is 10 min a day to sit quiet, pop in headphones, listen to you favorite song, meditate & breath. The benefits of this 10 minutes will begin to be felt to your core, craving more time and effort for the idea of self appreciation.

Ask for help

Sorry to break it to you, but superheroes aren’t real. Truth is, we all have the capabilities of being that SUPER most of the time, but its not maintainable. We all need help, we need support from loved ones, family & friends. As hard as it feels, there is nothing weak in asking, actually it takes a whole lot of strength for someone to reach out and recognize that they can’t be everything to everyone all the time. Connect with your partner, ask for someone to look after the kids so you can have date night, switch off so you both separately have time for some physical activity. Bump all that shame aside, prioritize some self love and take that moment for you.


There are so many options out there for movement. As a yoga instructor, I recognize that the general population can benefit from mindful movement with breath. Hate going to the gym? Hate that group fitness class? Forget about it!! You will never receive the full benefit of a commitment if you don’t enjoy what you are doing. You are also less likely stick to it. Find something you enjoy doing, something that empowers you, moves you not only physically but to the core.


Nourishment for the body and mind. This includes making healthy mindful food choices. I can’t stress enough about how important meal planning and prepping is for a busy person. We need to set ourselves up for success. Smoothies are an amazing way to pack in some nutrient dense whole foods and antioxidants.


Sleep is essential for a healthy life, our bodies need to be able to rest in order for it to repair and restore from each day. With the accessibility of today’s technology, we fail ourselves each day by going to bed with our Tvs on and our phones in hand. I make a point of shutting down my phone each night at least 30 minutes before I plan to be asleep and I read. This gives my body time to produce melatonin in order to have good quality sleep.


Self appreciation doesn’t have an expiry date. You deserve to recognize yourself every single day. Repeat that to yourself, seriously!!

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Paul Russumanno