Getting Ready to be a K-Towner!


We realize that first weeks can be tough, but it is important to remember that this is a major milestone for your family, and the beginning of many more to come. Though your child may not acknowledge this at the time, it is possible to prepare them for this transition by doing a few things every day a couple weeks before coming to Kindertown.

Gentle Reminders

Make casual and upbeat connections to Kindertown while running errands, or during play. When driving by a playground or doing kitchen table art, remind your child that they will find all this fun stuff at her school. This not only gives your child something to look forward to, but also helps create expectations and positive ideas of what their day at Kindertown will look like.

Help establish a Set Schedule

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in a day to explore all the learning opportunities at Kindertown. As a result, it is important that we maintain a flexible schedule to ensure each child’s wellbeing. Parents can help this transition by developing a schedule and established routines at home. For example, have lunch or go for walks in the neighborhood at the same time each day. This can also extend to bedtime, at Kindertown, children rest for 2 hours each day. By showing your child that when lights go off each night, it is time to rest, sleep time at Kindertown won’t catch them by surprise.

Capture Learning Moments

For children, teachable moments happen multiple times in any given day. At Kindertown, our educators are constantly looking for these moments in order to devise a program that will expand upon, and develop the child’s interests. The way we do this is by simply providing the child with thought provoking questions. Don’t be shy to do the same, questions about the weather, how fast the ball rolled, or how high the slide is, will get your children to think differently about the world around them and prepare them for the concepts and themes they will be exploring at Kindertown.

Set Aside Time for Reading

Not only will this help your child expand their vocabulary, but will allow them to gain an appreciation for storytelling. At Kindertown, we use books to help substantiate our learning, you’ll find that throughout the room there are books that relate to the ideas and concepts being discussed and they are always accessible for children to explore. 

Never forget - MAKE IT FUN!

Paul Russumanno