A Day in the Life of a K-Towner

Summer has come to an end and Fall is here! With that, we are excited to experience another year of learning, growing and teaching. After almost twenty-five years in operation, us here at Kindertown like to think we have this sort-of-thing down to a science, but each September is full of new and sometimes challenging surprises.


Beginning in the month of August, our educators start the gradual transition to their new rooms. Equipped with a list of each child’s name, they set to task, organizing cubbies, rearranging play spaces and bringing in new materials for children to explore, investigate and create. When coming into your child’s class for the first time, you may notice that the walls are a little bare, but we will be filling these spaces with the imagination, creativity and ideas of our students.

Each and every day, from 7am to 9.30am, we welcome all our K-Towners. During this time, children will explore the room, enjoy a K-Town breakfast, and reconnect with their friends. We strongly recommend that children are dropped off at least ten minutes before programming starts, allowing them to say their good-byes and transition easily into the classroom. Once everyone is settled, each classroom conducts their very own “KinderTown Hall Meeting”, where they discuss new ideas, visit old ones, and make plans for the day ahead. A big part of each day is outdoor play, where children are encouraged to interact with natural materials, climbers and sensory experiences scattered throughout our playground.

After burning off all their morning energy, we gather our students for a family style, healthy and nutritious lunch, followed shortly thereafter with a well deserved nap! Around 2.30pm, children will start getting ready to jump back into their day. We start by having a snack and sharing conversation between friends and educators about all their adventures, and what activities to explore next. Throughout the room, children will have their choice of art, dramatic play, blocks, and sensory stations to investigate and play, before heading outside one more time before their families rejoin them at Kindertown.

A lot happens in one day at Kindertown, so we encourage our parents to chat with our educators, check out the room and ask children how their day went. Our hope is that you as parents, can become as much about the learning experience as our educators and children. Finally, once the last of our K-Towners have left, our educators set up the room and plan for the next big day of adventures!

See you all at K-Town!