Finding Child Care Support in Hamilton


Whether you are a new resident in the City of Hamilton, new parents, or even just unfamiliar with the community support surrounding child care in Hamilton, this will help you navigate the some times daunting and intimidating journey.

City of Hamilton

 Our municipality is a huge supporter of quality childcare programming. Over the years, the City of Hamilton has been instrumental in allowing programs to flourish by working side by side with them to hear and improve the front line experiences.

 On their website you will be able to find a list of programs and services like: how to find child care or where to seek out financial support.

Affiliated Services for Children and Youth (ASCY)

 ASCY provides childcare facilities with innovative and comprehensive approaches to pedagogy, programming and curriculum. Through various workshops, on-site mentoring and monthly events, ASCY has become a necessary component of Hamilton’s early years community and its pursuit for quality early year education.

Community Living Hamilton

Community Living Hamilton has been a part of Hamilton for over sixty years. Their goal is to provide support to all of Hamilton’s son’s and daughters with special needs. They offer a variety of care that ranges from day programs to essential respite care that helps ease the burden on caregivers in a safe, enjoyable environment.

College of Early Year Childhood Educators

The Ontario government recognizes “The College” as the de-facto legislative body for Early Childhood Educators. Perhaps the biggest contribution to the field is the emphasis on professional practice as it adheres to the Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice, which came into effect in 2011. More recently, the College asked the Ontario government to enact a regulation that would require all members of the college to engage in Continuous Professional Learning programs.

Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre

One of a kind in Canada, the RJCH offers a wide range of services to children, youth and adults that are dealing with life-long health issues. Some of the programs offered by the Centre are as followed: Autism Spectrum Disorder Program, Child and Youth Mental Health Program, Developmental Paediatrics and Rehabilitation Program and Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Paul Russumanno