Everly & Co: Back to Basics


As the winter months appear in the rear view mirror, the snow is melting and the ice is thawing. I can feel spring on the horizon and I’m ready for it. Ready to welcome a new season, to grow some things and to shed others. With life is moving at lightening speed, how can I get back to the basics?

Modern technology enables us to keep in contact with those we love near and far, a convenience of the digital age that clearly has its benefits. But what about keeping in touch with ourselves? Since becoming a mom I am constantly putting the needs of others ahead of myself, not just my son and husband, some days I find myself committing to things that I can’t possibly do. I have a hard time saying no – not because I don’t know how, but because when people come to me and ask for help, support or assistance it’s something I truly believe in. Building off of the self-care and self-appreciation train, carve out time next week and get back to the basics.

 This may seem trivial, but it’s often small consistent actions that make an impact on our every day life. For us, we try to wake up before Isaiah to have coffee together. While the act is basic, it gives us the chance to start each day together and slowly let light in as the sun rises.

In our home, we try to focus our attention on what fulfills us and really think about the areas of our lives that are worth giving all we’ve got. This looks different for each of us, but what I hope you’ll take away is a reminder of what fulfills us most and be clear on which pursuits lead us towards a life well-loved.

Set some time aside to write down your answers the 5 questions below. Writing your answers may seem like an old-fashion process but in our fast paced culture writing prompts us to consider our thoughts. Be thoughtful about your answers and, where possible, try to think of responses that do not involve purchasing or spending money. Instead of being really broad I encourage you to be specific and get back to those simple joys. Try not to breeze through this one, similar to self-care,  take the time to check-in with yourself, take a break and come back to what you have written to see if it rings true.

  • What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

  • What do you like to do for fun?

  • What do you do for yourself?

  • How do you wind down from a busy day?

  • What makes you feel grounded?

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Paul Russumanno