KTown & Friends: Hot Mama Health & Fitness


My name is Jamie Clanfield, a mom to four beautiful, amazing kids, and partner to a supportive, funny and loving husband. When we first moved to Stoney Creek, we were happy to become members of the Kindertown Family. I can still remember walking in the very first time, and knowing almost immediately, that this was the place for my daughter. Kindertown was recommended to us by an acquaintance that attended the centre almost a decade prior, which says a lot about the kind of long-lasting impact they have on families. Each day, a friendly face greeted us at the door,  a simple gesture that gave us such peace of mind.

Our daughter is in grade two now, but not a month goes by that we reminisce about our time there,  which is why I couldn’t be happier to rejoin the K-Town community as a contributor and organizer!

Aside from being a mom, I am also the owner of Hot Mama Health & Fitness – Stoney Creek and CanFit Pro Certified in Group Fitness Instruction, with a background in dance education. I’ve always had a passion for health, nutrition and dance, so naturally, Hot Mama Health was the perfect fit. The goal of the program is to connect pre and postpartum Mama’s with others just like them. Being a parent is hard work, and it can be a struggle to find time for daily exercise, but it is something that is incredibly important for our mental health and well being.

Hot Mama has allowed me to take care of my family, my community and myself, through our individually modified exercise classes. We emphasize an environment that is safe, supportive and judgement free, a place for Mama’s having one of those days, to come and sweat it out with women facing the same daily obstacles and successes. There is something incredible and empowering about a group of Mama’s getting together and destroying a workout, I like to refer to it as Hot Mama Magic.

Over the next couple weeks, in partnership with Kindertown, I will be inviting all of you to join me for ‘exercises in the classroom!’. A one-hour (kid-friendly) training session for mama’s that want to start the week off right. Along with these weekly Mama Meetups, I will be sharing some of my own tips, exercises and strategies to keeping fit through the K-Town Blog! For more information on the sessions, or just general inquiries, you can find me by clicking here.

I can’t wait to rejoin the Kindertown Community, and get to know all the new families and friends that have decided to make this place home!

Paul Russumanno