I've Got 99 Preschool Problems, But Biting Ain't One!


During their early years, children are learning about themselves, the people around them, and the social cues that make up their world. When they come to Kindertown, each child is exploring this knowledge alongside their peers, and sometimes, with ten to twenty children developing their own unique personalities at the same time, things can get quite interesting.

Here are a few problems that you may expect from your child as they develop while at Kindertown, and ways to deal with it.

Temper Tantrums

Some children may have a better grasp on their emotions than others, but temper tantrums are inevitable. If left unchecked, this can turn into aggression behaviour. Remember, during these years, children are learning different methods to get your attention, so it’s important you teach them how to solve their frustrations without resorting to tantrums.

Saying No

A child’s independence is a beautiful thing, but for a parent, it can also be excruciatingly frustrating. Rather then reacting to their constant ‘no’s’ with a negative tone, try to take a long, deep breath and exert some patience before explaining to them how helpful it would be. Praise them when (or if) they finally agree.


A long with saying ‘no’ and the occasional temper tantrums, children can have a tendency to bite their way through frustration. At Kindertown, we do our best to prevent the dreaded biting attack, and though it is usually just a phase, we ensure that children realize this behaviour is unacceptable. By redirecting the biters to more physical activities or providing them with different ways to express themselves, it is possible to prevent them from biting. At home, sit down with your child and provide them with different outlets or methods of expression, and keep your fingers at bay!

Paul RussumannoKindertown