Baby Beets: Surviving the Holiday Hustle


Holidays are full of love, food and family. We get so excited to share this special time of year, but how do we avoid the overindulgence and the exhaustion? It is important to set ourselves up for this success by leading by example for the little ones. Children watch us so closely, I always use the phrase “monkey see monkey do”. They love, they admire us and want to be just like their older family members. So how about we set a good example by following some of the tips below to help keep the holiday bloat to minimum.


The importance of hydration is even more relevant during the holiday season. We tend to indulge in rich foods & fancy beverages more frequently than the average month. Even children tend to drink more sugary drinks while forgetting about the water.

Start the day with a large glass of lemon water and be mindful of keeping your water bottle with you throughout the day. Add in brothy soups and stews at mealtime and end the day with a herbal tea.

Routine / Quiet time

It’s no secret that children (and adults) thrive on routine. Holidays are no reason to forget how important that rest and restore is for our body and minds. For kids, try to sick to your bedtime routine. It is realistic that you are going to have some late nights with family and friends, this is ok too. Just be mindful to try and not let the whole day, week or month bounce off track.  Hop right back on that routine the next day, you’ll thank yourself once the holiday is over and school is back in.

Nutrient rich foods

It’s no secret that rich flavors and cheesy dishes tend to dominate the holiday menu. Be the one to volunteer a healthy or plant based meal to contribute to family feasts, like a salad or oven roasted vegetables. Don’t skip meals! Skipping meals to “save room” for the big feast will resulting in feeling so hungry at dinner time that you will overeat and make poor choices.

Its best to nourish yourself when you can, have a smoothies for breakfast packed full of nutrient dense vegetables, fruit, healthy fats & good quality proteins. If you are already meal prepping (ps you should be), continue this routine throughout the holidays. Life is already crazy busy without factoring in Christmas concerts, work parties, letters to Santa, pictures, drinks, wrapping gifts, shopping it’s a long list of to do’s. Don’t let your food prep go by the waste side, carve out some time every week, even if it’s just an hour, to make a soup, chop veggies or portion lunches.

Don’t over commit `

How many of us are the self proclaimed “Queen of Overcommitment”? I certainly have taken on that title far too often. When plans and parties and work starts to fill my schedule, I start to book less appointments, I plan less visits and don’t commit to many parties or gatherings. December is already so busy that I try not to agree to anything that I don’t consider an obligation or something that I don’t truly want to do. My needs, which is often rest and retreat, start to heavily outweigh my wants, which is to enjoy the holidays with all of my friends and family. I can easily become overwhelmed and start to resent what I have to do, instead of enjoying each moment, like baking those cookies and laughing with family and friends. It’s important to try to stay grounded and listen to our bodies and minds.

Ask for Help

It is also important to ask for help from family and from the kids. Get them involved, give them tasks or activities that can keep the occupied while you make progress on your own projects. Ask for a family member to take the kids out for the day or have them come to your place while you get errands done. As caretakers we often feel too much pride in asking for help, truth is, we all require that kind of support. Don’t be afraid to ask, that’s why we keep those loved ones around, you’d be surprised at how happy some people (even the kids) are to help.

And lastly ... relax. The dishes will get done, social media will be there, enjoy the moment, stay in your jammies all day, prioritize some self care each day. Enjoy being with your family through this holiday season.

Catherine Switzer is the owner of Baby Beets. A Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Labor & Postpartum Doula, as well as Yoga Instructor, she is committed to her own personal health and the health of individuals and families. It is truly important for her to encourage individuals to establish a healthy relationship with food. Catherine takes the time to connect with clients, learning about them as a unique individual. Offering customized support in all aspects of her field.

Catherine Switzer


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