A Kindertown Book Club


Welcome to the first Kindertown Book Club!


Our hope is to share the many stories, tales and learning experiences found within the books at our centre, with all our friends and families at home. The first story, of what will be many, is one we are all familiar with. We all remember those days spent as children wondering aloud about the world around us, and the many magical places, spaces and things that make up our beautiful planet.

Written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers’, Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth, is a sentimental tongue-in-cheek tour of our planet, people, and places. Written with his one year child in mind, Jeffers offers facts about our planet, but also tidbits of guidance that encourages tolerance and responsibility towards one another, but also the environment, and all of Earth’s living creatures.

Throughout the book, parents and kids are shown the differences between land, ocean and skies. Jeffers talks about the properties of dirt, clouds and water in simple terms, but with profound results. His words and illustrations provide the opportunity for parents and children to go beyond the book, and discuss favorite animals, vehicles, or geography.

In only a few short pages, Here We Are opens up the entire universe to children, sparking their curiosity while teaching them the importance of taking care of this place we call home. For parents, this is a beautifully illustrated reminder of their long-lost wonder, but also of their new found responsibility to ensure that their children and future generations, will have the same opportunity to explore and dream about our planet as they did.

At Kindertown, we use Jeffers’ book at the beginning of each summer to provoke and encourage an exploration of our local environments. By using our neighborhood as the classroom, we hope to instill within our children a sense of place, and appreciation for the people that live here. As we build our local knowledge, Here We Are helps align a bigger picture that we can connect too as well!

You can find Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth by following this link