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For the last 7 years I have worked in the not-for-profit sector as a public relations and marketing professional. As a natural connector and people person, I collaborated with teams to build projects that inspire and foster meaningful relationships. I settled in at Canada’s most research-intensive university and worked with a talented crew of writers, photographers and videographers. When I eventually started my maternity leave, I was relieved to have a break from work and to have time off to take care of my new baby and family.

In the weeks following my delivery I found myself being pulled towards writing, it started off as journaling but quickly turned into a cathartic release. As days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into a month, I found solitude when I made time to write, unpack my day and center my thoughts. I started writing during the early morning feedings and when I couldn’t fall asleep. With the gentle push from my friends and family, I took a leap and began to document and share the trials and tribulations of my journey. It’s a bit intimidating to put yourself out there, but I wanted to create a space that was honest and relatable for women; a place where we can forget about “figuring it all out”, and instead learn to appreciate both the pressures and rewards of motherhood.

 Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Everly &Co is a lifestyle blog that focuses on a timeless approach to food & entertainment, motherhood and life. My most recent journey as a new mom has a large presence on the account. After the wave of visitors following the delivery of our son, Isaiah, I was surprised by how lonely and unsure I felt. Growing up as the second of four girls I am fortunate to have sisters who are always there for me, while I felt I had done my fair share of research there were days where I felt an immense amount of pressure to figure out motherhood. So there I sat in the early hours of the morning with a new baby, a new role and a whole lot of questions.

 Everly & Co is designed for the modern mom who is trying to balance family, fun and work. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with the Kindertown community, you can follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook.

Paul Russumanno