KTown & Friends: Studio E


Since 2009, Studio E: School of Music & Drama has been a local institution for creative Hamiltonian’s of all ages. With diverse programs that range from vocal, instrumental, visual and performing arts, Studio E is now home to over 500 local aspiring artists. The seven room facility is the passion project of Owner/Director Teresa Cirillo, whose devotion for the arts has encouraged her to create an environment where students can explore and nurture their talents.

Teresa has spent her entire life dedicated to music. With over thirty years of vocal training, including Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, she is widely recognized as an accomplished vocal artist, musician and teacher to hundreds of developing vocal artists in both Canada and the United States. More recently, Teresa published her first book, “The Vocal Compass”, where she describes her revolutionary ‘yoga for the voice technique’.

Her new approach to vocal training, and rich history in the music industry, has landed her positions on PCG Universal's artist development team out of Nashville, as well as the appointment of Creative and Vocal Director for the international show “The Shot!”.

Yet, despite all her years of expertise, numerous accolades and extensive professional resume, Teresa is still dedicated to fostering and nurturing young artists to pursue their passion. This is why she has developed DiscoverE Preschool and DiscoverE ECE, which provides young artists, from the ages of 0-7, with an immersive and engaging introductory to music. Through dance, music, visual arts, literacy and mathematics, her programs provide children with quality education in both music and arts, while also preparing them for school settings.

At Kindertown, we are extremely excited to welcome Studio E and Teresa into our community. Over the next few months, Teresa will be sharing her experiences, vast knowledge and passion for the arts and children on our Kindertown Blog. We are also looking forward to a future collaborations, where Teresa brings the magic and wonder of Studio E to Kindertown!

For more information on Teresa and Studio E, please click on the link here: http://studioemusicandarts

Paul Russumanno